Scrivener 2.0 is coming Soon!

ScrivenerのMajor Version upがアナウンスされた。

In my last blog post, I talked about all the things that weren’t coming in Scrivener 2.0. Now it’s time to talk about some of the goodies that are coming.


ただ、今回はMajor Version upということで$25のアップグレード費用が発生する。もともとこのバージョンアップを知ったのも、UlyssesのTheSoulmenのサイト。

Keith over at Literature & Latte has revealed Scrivener 2.0 and… I just don’t know how to talk about it without getting misinterpreted, misquoted, misunderstood. All I want to say is “congrats”, really, as this must have been one hell of a job to pull off.




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